50th Anniversary of the Parkettes
February 2 - 4, 2018 

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Updated 1/20/18

Coaches with gymnasts in split sessions: 
 Please email: to confirm which 
gymnasts will be competing in each session asap. 

Location: Lewis E. Dieruff High School

Saturday, February 3rd 

Session 1- Level 6
 8:00am Stretch, 8:20am Timed Warm-up, 8:40am Start
Centre Elite (6) (6), Parkettes (9), Prestige (9)(9), Roth’s (7)(7), Top Flight (10)

Session 2- Level 6
11:15am Stretch, 11:35am Time Warm-up, 11:55am Start
Action (8), Aeon (7), Docksiders (6)(6), Flippin Out (5), Mainline (1), MG Elite (6), Tumble with Denise (4), 
Olympiad (5), Nittany (4), North Stars (5), Richlieu (3), Thunder Cats (6)

Session 3- Level 3, XB, XS
2:30pm Stretch, 2:50pm Timed Warm-up, 3:00pm Start
Centre Elite 3’s (13), Future Stars 3’s (3), Indigo 3’s (7), Nittany 3’s (7), Parkettes 3’s (10), 
Parkettes XS (12), Rebound 3’s (10),Roth’s XS (7), Roth’s BS (7), Somerton 3’s (4), United Sports 3’s (5)

Session 4- Level 4’s    
5:45pm Stretch, 6:05pm Timed Warm-up, 6:20pm Start
Centre Elite (9)(10), Olympiad (5)(5), Parkettes (6),(6), Roth’s (7)(8)

Session 5- Level 4’s    
7:45pm Stretch, 8:05pm Timed Warm-up, 8:20pm Start
Berks East (8), Indigo (5), Main Line (4), Nittany (4), Northeast (4)(5), Rebound (1), Somerton (7), United Sports (8)

Sunday, February 4th

Session 1 - Level 7, XP, XD
8:00am Stretch, 8:30am Timed Warm-up, 8:20am Start
Berks East XP (5), Centre Elite XP (3), Flippin Out 7 (1), XP (7)(8), Future Stars XD (1), Parkettes XP (6), 
Roth’s (1), Somerton XP (2), Tumble with Denise XP (4), Xquisite XP (8), XD (5)XP (3),

Session 2 - Level 7
11:15am Stretch, 11:45am Timed Warm-up, 12:05pm Start
Angies (4), Berks East (5)(8), Parkettes (12), Prestige (10) (10), Roths’s (10), US Gym Mahwah (10), Vasi’s (9)  

Session 3 - Level 7
3:00pm Stretch, 3:30pm Timed Warm-up, 3:50pm Start
,Aeon (5), Centre Elite (7), Docksiders (7), MG Elite (4), NGA (8), Northeast (8), North Stars (6),
 Olympiad (5), Rebound (6), Somerton (6), Thunder Cats (4), Top Flight (5), Xquisite (5), 

Session 4 - Level 5 XG
6:45pm Stretch, 7:05pm Timed Warm-up, 7:15pm Start
Berks East 5’s (7), Centre Elite XG (10), Nittany (4), NGA 5’s (5), Olympiad 5’s (2), Parkettes XG (5) 5’s (2), 
Rebound 5’s (3), Roth’s XG (13) 5’s (5), Somerton XG (1), United Sports 5’s (5), Xquisite XG (12)

Location: Parkettes Gym

Friday February 2nd

Session 1- Level 9
8:00am Stretch, 8:30am Timed Warm-up, 8:45am Start
Berks East (5)(5), Centre Elite (5), Gymstreet (4), Northeast (4), North Stars(5)(5),Top Flight (4), Tumble with Denise (1)

Session 2- Level 9
10:30am Stretch, 11:00am Timed Warm-up, 11:20am Start
Action (6)(6), Aeon (7), NGA (3), North Stars (6), Paramount (5)(3), Somerton (2), Sportsplex (7), Stafford (5)

Session 3- Level 9
1:40pm Stretch, 2:10pm Timed Warm-up, 2:30pm Start
Co-op (2), Docksiders-(3)(5), New England Gym Express-(6), Nittany (4), Parkettes-(5)(5),US Gym Mahwah (7), Xquisite-(6)(5)

Session 4- Level 9
5:00pm Stretch, 5:30pm Timed Warm-up, 5:50pm Start
ENA-(8), Hills (5)(5), MG Elite (4), Pancott (2), Rebound (2), Richelieu (5)(4), Roth’s (8), TNT Elite (3), World Class NY (8)(6), 

Saturday, February 3rd 


Session 1- Level Open Optional
8:00am Stretch. 8:30am Timed Warm-up, 8:50am Start
Centre Elite (3), Girls Co-Op-(3), New England Gym Express-(5), Nittany (1), Northeast (5), Pancott (1), 
 Paramount (1), Rebound (4), Richleau (2), Roth’s (1), Roots (5), Stafford (1), Thunder Cats (1), 
 Top Flight, (1), World Class NY-(4),  Xquisite (4)(4)

Session 2- Open Optional
11:45am Stretch, 12:15pm Timed Warm-up, 12:40am Start
Action (6), ENA-(4), Docksiders-(4), Excalibur-(1), Force (1), Hills-(3)(7), MG Elite (1), 
North Stars-(6)(7), Parkettes-(7), TNT Elite (6), Twilight (1),

Session 3 - Open Optional (4 GYMNASTS PER TEAM)
4:30pm Stretch, 5:00pm Timed Warm-up, 7:00pm Start
Action, Docksiders, ENA, Excalibur, Hills, MG Elite, New England Gym Express, North Stars, 
Parkettes, Parkettes, TNT, World Class NY


Sunday, February 4th

Session 1- Level 8
8:00am Stretch. 8:30am Timed Warm-up, 8:50am Start
Berks East (7), Gymstreet (7)(3), Hills (5), Indigo (2), New England Gym Express (4)(7), Richelieu (2), Roth’s (7), Stafford (2), Vasi (2), World Class NY- (8)

Session 2- Level 8
11:10am Stretch, 11:40am Timed Warm-up, 12:00pm Start
Centre Elite (6)(6), Docksiders (3), Xquisite (3),
Hills (6)(5), MG Elite (7), NGA (3), Nittany (3), North Stars-(5)(5)

Session 3- Level 8
2:10pm Stretch, 2:40pm Timed Warm-up, 3:00pm Start
Angies (4), ENA (6), Pancott (5), Parkettes (6)(6), Prestige (6)(3), Somerton (5), Thunder Cats-(1), US Gym Mahwah (5)

Session 4- Level 8
5:10pm Stretch, 5:40pm Timed Warm-up, 6:00pm Start
Action (7)(6), Aeon (5), Flippin Out (2), North East-(7), Paramount-(4), Parkettes-(7)(4), Rebound (8), Sportsplex (7)

Coaches with gymnasts in split sessions: 
 Please email: to confirm which 
gymnasts will be competing in each session asap.

Calling Alumni/ anyone who is a past or present Parkette family member! As you may know, FLO Gymnastics is covering all Level 9/10 sessions of the PKI through live video stream this year! FLO is looking for volunteers to help out at each session. Volunteers will be needed Friday (Feb 2) & or Saturday (Feb 3). If you are available to help even if it's just for 1 session, please contact Paige Cipolloni (on facebook, at the Parkette gym 610.433.0011 or by email ASAP! Its our 50th year here at Parkettes & we would love to have our ALUMNI celebrate with us!

FloGymnastics will be providing LIVE STREAM coverage of the Level 9/10 meets during the PKI.
This competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in the United States welcomes gymnasts and coaches from across the United States, Canada and Abroad. The Parkettes are known for their superb coach's hospitality, throughout the competition. Coaches and Judges may visit our Hospitality Room Friday evening at our host hotel the Holiday Inn, Lehigh Valley, to further enjoy your stay.

On Saturday evening all Gymnasts, Coaches and Judges are invited to attend the "Spectacular Parkettes Banquet." The banquet is FREE and held at the Parkettes Gym immediately following the final Open Optional Session. There will be a special Coaches and Judges hospitality room available during the Banquet at the Parkettes Gym.

The Levels 8, 9 and Open Competition will be held using Capital Cup Format at our 32,000 sq. ft. facility with seating for 750 spectators. The Levels 2 through 7, and Excel Competitions will be held using modified capital cup format at Louis E. Dieruff High School located less than 3 miles from Parkettes Gym.

Meet Registration Information:

Specially designed "Parkettes Invitational" Medals will be presented for All Around and Event placements. Age divisions based on January 1, 2018.

Team Trophies will be awarded for all Levels of Competition.

Team Awards: A cash prize and a PKI gift from GK Elite Sportswear will be awarded to the Open Optional 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. The 1st place team at all other levels will receive 4 PKI gifts from GK Elite Sportswear. A participation gift will be presented to all gymnasts.


Parkettes Gym: Warm-up and Competition Gym Equipment: AAI Vault and Boards, AAI Elite Bars, AAI Beams, AAI Graphite Competition and Warm-up Floor
Dieruff Gym: AAI Competition Gym Equipment

Entry Fees
Level 2,3, 4, 5 and Excel -   $110.00
Level 6, 7, 8, 9, Open -   $120.00

Team Competition Fees and Rules

$50.00 fee per level.
Please include your team fees with each levels roster and payment. The top 3 scores on each event count.
You do not have to predesignate your teams.

Meet Registration Information

To register submit entry form. Payment MUST be received in full with your Team Roster.

Registration Deadline: October 1, 2017
Specific levels may fill up faster than others. Entries will be accepted on a First Come Basis. Remember this competition fills up quickly. No refunds after November 1, 2017. Level change requests will be made upon availability and are not guaranteed.

FloGymnastics will be providing LIVE STREAM coverage of the Level 9/10 meets during the PKI.
Holiday Inn
Host Hotel Information: Reserve your rooms early online by clicking here.

Reserve your room ASAP as it is a busy weekend in the Lehigh Valley. Holiday Inn Conference Center, Lehigh Valley, Route 100 and I78, 7736 Adrienne Drive, Breinigsville, PA 18031. 610-391-1000.

Mention the Parkettes Gym and receive a special rate of $116.00 plus tax per night.
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